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Busy Day

It was a busy day today! I always have the best intentions but something always happens. I wanted to get 5 batches of soap made but only completed 3. I am very excited that I did get my cold processed Moringa, Rosemary and Lavender soap made. It smells wonderful and the color is interesting. The moringa gives it a nice green color. I do not use dyes in my soaps. I figure we are exposed enough to the nasty stuff. I do use mica powders now and then and they are listed in the ingredients.

What is Moringa? Up until a few years ago, I did not know anything about it. My son and daughter-in-law introduced it to me through some teas and supplements. I liked the teas but they were harass on my system. It appears that some of the ingredients did not agree with me. I chose to look for pure moringa with no additives. I took some capsules then I could not find them. I happened to stumble upon a website that offered organic moringa leaves, powders and seeds. I hit pay dirty!!! Moringa is a tree native to Asia and Africa. It is known as the horseradish tree or the drumstick tree. It is known especially as the "miracle tree". It has countless benefits. Please research if you are interested.

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